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The Millionaires Brain Review

The Millionaires Brain is a product that has been launched which claims to offer an amazing and ultimate solution in enhancing the power of the brain. It is a manual that teaches you how to remove the negative conditioning and become empowered to be happy, successful and wealthy. Having a brain that is not very active can bring about different types of problems, as a result of wrong decisions that have been made. Famous people like Einstein are said to have used only 15% of his brain. This implies that the brain, given the right circumstances, can do a lot of wonders. The problem is that we cannot figure out the right way to use the brain.

Through the program, which is a downloadable home study course that is in the form of an eBook, you will learn how to unlock the powers of your subconscious mind that are hidden and figure out the right way to use your brain. You will learn techniques that will increase your brain functions which some of the world’s most famous minds have been employing for years. You will learn how to be like some of them who had no formal education but, have had a lot of success in the world. This is due to the unusual life changing secrets that will be exposed in this product.

The author of The Millionaires Brain has spent a lot of years researching to develop this mind and brain training course whose aim is to help people increase mind power, success, attract health and wealth. The power of your subconscious mind once enhanced, will enable you to obtain those types of things and to also get so much more. You will therefore stop the waste of money, efforts and time in depending upon other training courses advertised in the market that are not helpful.

It consists of an eBook which is downloadable , an audio version of the eBook as well as a Dream Planner guide. There are chapters in the eBook that are interesting such as “Master your destiny” , “Prayer is a Science” and “How to Deal With the Negativity of Others”. Each chapter of the book has been written and laid out in an easy-to-understand manner, and each chapter ends with a “Try This” activity. This activity can be used to implement what you have just learned. This will help you measure how much improvement you have developed. The program also provides a daily ritual that is ten minutes long which will make you believe in yourself and allow you to manifest your dreams into reality. This will put you in complete control of your future. The success of this technique relies on the fact that the function of the whole body always depends on the brain, so it is important to keep a healthy brain that is functioning correctly.

This program will also teach you to use thought manipulation to bring your deepest desires into reality. The system will give you confidence and remove the fears that you have. You can also learn how to use your subconscious mind to attract the partner of your dreams.

law of attraction graph

The program has the following pros:

  • The e-book offers a great variety of knowledge making it an excellent experience for you.
  • You will be offered a good opportunity to create your own potential in your lifetime.
  • It is recommended for people who do not want to spend a lot of money but want the lessons in the book, because of the ease with which it can be downloaded.
  • The program is not confined to any age or gender, it can be used by anyone that has a desire to see a great improvement in their life.
  • The program is both as a written manual and an audio, you therefore are able to get it in the most convenient way to you.
  • Everything in the course has been researched thoroughly and has been proved to work.

The program has the following cons:

  • It is not enough just to read the book, the practical part must be followed and this will need time, effort and patience.
  • For the program to change your life, you must adapt to the concepts of the system as well as have a complete change in your thought process .

In conclusion, it is a wonderful program that will change your way of thinking in life. You will be assisted to be successful by teaching you the best ways to be more positive about your circumstances. The techniques and tips are easy to understand and will change the way you use your mind to meet your goals, get to your full potential and open your very own success.

The Diabetes Protocol Review

What is the Diabetes Protocol?

The Diabetes Protocol can be described as an E-Book (mainly for diabetics) created by Kenneth Pullman. It shows its readers methods they can use to naturally reverse, and even cure, their diabetes woes in three weeks or less. In the guide, a reader will be able to find out the cause of diabetes in order to prevent it. It offers natural solutions instead of pharmaceutical options, such as medicine, to get rid of diabetes symptoms. The Diabetes Protocol is said to assist users reverse the effects of the disease by naturally regulating their sugar levels. As a result, a diabetic’s insulin dose is lowered by almost 80%.


  • Straight forward: One of the major benefits of the e-book is that it is very straightforward. The instructions are presented in method that is clear and simple which makes the program very easy to follow. This is one of the things that people find very appealing.
  • Useful tips: The e-book has a number of money saving and practical tips for diabetes management. Lifestyle changes are a crucial factor in managing the condition, and in most cases, a person needs to consult a medical practitioner for this. However, the guide offers a similar service without the option of spending money on medical related fees.
  • Easy to download: The fact that the program is digital makes it easy to download. It is convenient as there are no additional fees for shipping or delivery, and there are no shipping delays. This fact makes it very convenient since an interested individual can opt to install it on a SmartPhone, laptop, personal computer or any other mobile device that supports any Windows OS.
  • No side effects: The program does not have serious side effects. With the change in lifestyle, the only effect is positive; a healthier body. Since it is completely natural, it does not involve therapies, medication and drugs making it completely safe to use when compared to other health programs available in the market. The protocol also highlights the rationale and science behind each remedy, teaching the user about diabetes in a simple to understand manner, as well as the steps involved in curing the same.
  • Maintain sugar levels: By lowering insulin levels by 80%, it will put a diabetic’s sugar levels within normal range (for those with type 1 diabetes).


  • Builds a person’s confidence
  • kenneth pullmanIs reliable
  • Has alluring colors to make it more effective
  • Improves mood
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Reduces stress
  • Functions quickly
  • It is very user friendly


  • So far, there are no known disadvantages of using the program.


The Diabetes Protocol is a very effective and user friendly plan that encourages increased physical activity, healthy dieting and weight loss. As a result, there is control of glucose levels which helps in eliminating diabetes. This means that it is a treatment that has been evading scientist, researchers and doctors for many years. With no known side effects, it can be described as an effective program. There are plenty of positive testimonials / reviews from people who have already used it.

Pregnancy Miracle book

Pregnancy Miracle is a book written by Lisa Olson as a guide to getting healthy children for infertile couples. Unlike other solutions for infertility, Lisa provides a natural method of conceiving that applies to infertile men and women. The author is herself a nutritionist, health consultant and Chinese Medical Researcher.

At the age of 30, Lisa and her husband decided to start a family. It did not take them long to discover that their efforts were not yielding fruit. This is when the couple decided to visit the doctor for advice and discovered that she was infertile. However, instead of giving up hope of ever having children of her own, Lisa went into research to find out what she could do about her condition. After wide research in websites, books and even consulting infertile couples for about 14 years, Lisa and her husband got their first-born daughter. At the moment, she is the mother of two healthy children. Lisa Olson documented her research in the Pregnancy Miracle book.

But what exactly does the book contain?

The author starts off with a good amount of quality information on fertility and the human biological reproductive system. She elaborates on general methods of increasing the chances of conceiving and analyses popular Western treatment of fertility. After that is a brief introduction to Eastern fertility treatment techniques – in particular, Chinese fertility techniques. The author then elaborates over 200 pages on a 5-step personal plan to getting pregnant fast and having healthy babies. This is the main part of the book.

In a summary, the five steps are:

  1. Pregnancy Miracle bookHow to prepare the body before and after ovulation to maximize chances of getting pregnant. This also includes activities one should not engage in during this period.
  2. This section is generally about nutrition and the effect of certain foods and drugs over fertility.
  3. A variety of herbs are discussed here. In addition, the benefits of acupuncture are elaborated upon.
  4. Internal cleansing and detoxification of the liver to enhance efficiency of the reproductive system and in effect boost chances of getting pregnant fast.
  5. Enhancement of the Qi- Acupressure and Qi Gong exercises. This section explains the importance of relaxation and ancient Chinese techniques of relaxing the muscles and calming the body.

The book generally provides clinically proven solutions to infertility which Lisa actually researched and tried herself for about 14 years. She uses simple language that is quite easy to follow. The book can be downloaded online; the only place on the internet where that information is contained. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, free life time updates and 3 months of e-mail coaching with a professional nutritional specialist.

Benefits of the Venus Factor Diet

When it comes to the matter of weight loss, there are no miracle drug solutions that will help you shed the extra pounds overnight. It involves thorough workout and correct follow up of your program. One of the most commonly used weight loss program is the venus factor diet program. The creator of this program, John Barban, is one of the well known fitness coaches all over the world. If you want to stay healthy and look good, the program is meant for you. Over the years, this program has become one of the most discussed weight loss issue by nutritionist and scientists. Despite its few setbacks, the benefits outweigh these disadvantages by far.

In a nutshell, the program revolves around the Venus index concept. The index is determined by measuring the height, waist and hip. According to John Barban, your waist should be approximately 38% of your height. Multiply your waist size and hip size by 1.42 and 1.61 respectively in order get your ideal shoulder measurements. In general, here are the key benefits that will enable you determine whether you will stick to the program or not.

Venus Factor

Designed for Women

For men, the program may not be of much benefit to you since it is specifically designed for women. This is due to the fact that weight loss programs for men and women do not deliver the same results. The advantage on the other hand is that it works for women of all ages at whatever fitness level. The only catch is that you be in perfect health before you start the workouts.

Unique Approach

Most of the diet programs usually insist that you eat less in order to lose weight, but Venus factor has an entire different approach. This means that dieters do not have to follow strict diet rules to maximize their results. Dieters can therefore enjoy their favorite dishes and not worry about their calorie gain. Since the program is for women at all levels, the instructions will show the various women what they need to know.

Complete Workout Program

Another great thing about this program is that it provides you with a 12 week program that is divided into 3 phases. The instructions are very easy to follow and it also has videos and pictures for maximum results. In each of the phases, you will be able to lose weight and tone up your muscles.

The Immersion Community

The immersion community is undisputedly, the greatest benefit from this program. It is through the community that thousands of women are able to raise questions in order to acheive the desired results. The immersion community is a channel that provides the dieters with inspiration and motivation which are very important factors in weight losing.

With the program’s workout manual and schedule, eating guide, community membership, losing weight is made easier. Through the manual, you will know whether to lose weight or add more pounds so as to achieve this ideal. With the eating and workout guide you will learn the different foods and best exercises that will tone up your body.

Foods that you need to build muscle

Body builders try to consume anything they get in an endeavor to bulk up. They eat anything at hand in order to achieve their target of gaining weight and building muscle. But this approach usually requires more effort and takes a longer time, than doing it correctly with a proper muscle building diet. If you maintain a diet plan that focuses on getting adequate calories and the right kind of food, you’ll be able to build muscle and get rid of the unwanted fat in a very short span of time.

muscle building foods

Which Foods are the best for gaining Muscles?

  1. Eggs

People eating 3 eggs daily while on a muscle gaining workout plan developed twice as much muscle as those who only ate 1 egg daily. The amount of protein content is 6 to 8 grams per egg, and the eggs are also rich in vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium which make them one of the most complete foods for building muscles.

  1. Chicken or Turkey

The quantity of saturated fat is quite less in the lean meats and the protein is of high quality. You will get 30 grams of protein, with very less fat, for every 100 grams of chicken breast. They are easy to cook and comparatively inexpensive and also can be served in many ways.

  1. Water

Water is an element of bodybuilding that is overlooked very often. You require about 3 to 8 liters of water daily, which depends upon how intensely you do the workouts. Hydration is an essential part of building muscle. If you keep your muscles hydrated, it will help you to increase your energy levels, increase strength, and also help in digestion.

  1. Fish Oil

Fish oil allows your body to recover very quickly from a strenuous workout because of its anti-inflammatory benefits. Therefore, this helps you to exercise more frequently. Apart from this, fish oil also helps to speed up your metabolism. Thus you will not only gain more muscle, but also will be able to eliminate more fat.

  1. Quinoa

If you want a carbohydrate source for helping you to build muscle, look no further. A serving of 100 grams of Quinoa has 15 grams of protein and also the essential amino acids which makes it an inevitable part of your meal plan for building muscles.

  1. Berries

The primary reason of consuming berries is that it can save you from heart disease, cancer and degenerative illnesses. But they can also help you with your old school new body building. Raspberries, Blueberries cranberries and blackberries are all very effective. In order to make a delicious meal, you might add them to your cereal or oatmeal.

  1. Pineapple

The source of the protein-digesting enzyme called bromelein is pineapple. The consumption of pineapple also helps to reduce inflammation of muscles, which makes it a wonderful addition to your post-workout diet.

  1. Spinach

It was shown by researchers at Rutgers University in 2008 that the phytoecdysteroids found in spinach help to increase muscle growth up to 20%. In order to see the benefits, you need to consume 2 pounds of spinach daily.

  1. Sweet Potato

Carbohydrates help you to add on additional muscle. Sweet potatoes are very convenient and also tasty options to refill energy stores and stimulate the process of building muscles. Apart from this, they are also very rich in vitamins and minerals which assist you to maintain normal levels of blood sugar, and feel fuller for a considerable period of time.

  1. Green Tea

Though the best drink for bodybuilders is water, green tea comes right after it as it is a natural diuretic that is able to wash out the excess water from your body, and also providing antioxidant derived benefits at the same time.

It will be a great mistake to eat empty calories if your goal is to build muscle. Selecting the proper types of foods that help you to gain muscles is an essential responsibility on your part. Include the foods mentioned above into your diet to add muscles and enjoy the body you always have dreamt of.

Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Reverse phone lookup enables you to find out the owner of a phone number. You can easily access the name and address of a Caller ID whose name is unknown to you. This is helpful in many circumstances, for example, if you find a missed call of a number whose owner you do not know or even an incoming call with a number you do not recognize.

This usually works best if you are looking up a landline number for a certain business or even residence. A while back, phone companies made records of reverse phone directories by their respective areas and availed them to libraries, the police and many others. The Internet however, brought an end to this. It turned this lookup into a search engine function. Landline numbers can now be looked up online through search engine sites.

You can type in a phone number in the search field, separating them with the hyphens and you will be given the results. The Google phonebook, for instance, will show the name and street address of the owner of that number.

You can search for sites which offer this service using the search engines. You can then lookup that number in the provided site and will be provided with the necessary information in regard to that number. Some sites offer paid services where they provide unlisted phone numbers and personal information relating to the looked-up number. Some of these sites include reverse phone detective,, and

It is free to look up landline numbers using these sites. However, for cell phone numbers, one is required to pay for the services. This is because such numbers are issued by individual companies, contrary to the case of landline numbers. It is also not easy to access information regarding to the owners of cell phones since they treasure their privacy.

When looking up a cell phone number, most sites will require that you pay a one-time fee or an annual fee, enabling you to do unlimited searches. Prominent sites barely charge for searches which do not produce any reliable information. Case in point, Intelius Inc. proved to be a reputable site in offering this service. The company announced that it had 90 million cell phone numbers in their online directory as of 2008. Cell phone users have complained of privacy invasion over the years. Some even threaten to file a lawsuit against these services. This, in fact, contributed to discontinuation of services from Intelius Inc. However, access to cell phone numbers has stand out to be a logical aspect to many users.

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